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Dedicated to the work of Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger and all the other people, both actors and technicians who helped them make those wonderful films.

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Reviews of Powell and Pressburger works

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The reviews have been divided into the following sections:

Some articles may deal with more than one person or film, where this happens we have tried to cross reference them.

The Masters:

The Films:
(Any reviews are liable to contain spoilers)

Powell & Pressburger films score highly in list of Top British Films
P&P films did very well in the recently published Time Out list of The 100 Best British Films
The list was chosen by a panel of 150 film industry experts including film-makers, critics and other industry players.
Powell & Pressburger got two films in the Top 10, another 3 in the Top 20, and another 1½ in the Top 30 (Peeping Tom at #29)
That's the highest number of films for a single film-maker (or team) anywhere in the Top 100, and to get them all in the Top 30 is very good.

The People:

Note: I have only included the people that I have articles about.
There were many more people involved in the making of these films.


Sources for the contemporary reviews include:

Monthly Film Bulletin (MFB)
Monthly Film Bulletin was a monthly mag for cineastes, containing reviews of all films, no articles or photos. Eventually evolved into what are now the review pages of Sight and Sound.

Kinematograph Weekly
A trade mag, aimed at cinema managers and filmmakers, hence the emphasis on being a Quota booking, and exploitation angles. Full of fab adverts, and hints on how to make your own tuppeny ice cream bricks from milk, cornflour and gelatin. Yum!

The Bioscope
A trade weekly, ran from 1908-1932. The comments like 'offering for uncritical audiences' or 'for good class houses' tell you everything you need to know about Britain in the early 30's.

A fortnightly fan magazine. Articles about the films and the stars. Reviews of the latest releases.
In earlier editions, it seems to have been a weekly publication.

Picture Show
A weekly fan magazine. 2d every Friday.

Film Pictorial
A weekly fan magazine. 2d every Thursday.

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