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Reviews of Espionage (1964)
TV Series for which Michael Powell directed
three episodes in 1964

Episode First Broadcast Cast
The Frantick Rebel 12th February 1964 Roger Livesey ... Dr Johnson
Stanley Baxter
Jill Bennett
Frankie, Kevin & Columba ... extras
A Free Agent 21st March 1964 Anthony Quayle ... Phillip
Siân Phillips ... Anna
Norman Foster ... Max
George Mikell ... Peter
John Wood ... Douglas
John Abineri ... Town Clerk
Ernst Walder ... Watch factory mechanic
Gertan Klauber ... Innkeeper
Vivienne Drummond ... Miss Weiss
Jan Conrad ... Chief mechanic
Never Turn Your Back On A Friend 1st April 1964 George Voskovek ... Professor Kuhn
Donald Madden ... Anaconda
Mark Eden ... Wicket
Julian Glover ... Tovarich
Pamela Brown ... Miss Jensen


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