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Submitted by: Nicky Smith

First On TV?

Nicky found an interesting article. We knew that EotW was shown on television in 1939 (they didn't call it TV back then <G>) But this article shows that some of Emeric's work was seen on television even before that, in October 1937. I wonder if the cameras caught Emeric himself?

Television Cameras at Denham
Behind the Scenes at a Film Studio

It is always pleasant to sit back and watch other people work, and during the next few days owners of television sets will be able to see a number of well-known film actors and actresses at work in the studios at Denham. This afternoon at 3 Mr. Frederick Grisewood and Mr. Leslie Mitchell [two well known commentators/reporters] will act as official guides and will in turn be themselves escorted round the studios by players and directors. In the opening shot Mr. Alexander Korda will introduce them to Miss Joan Greenwood, Mr. Laurence Olivier, and Mr. Ralph Richardson. During the evening transmission Miss [Joan] Gardner will be seen with Mr. Robert Douglas acting in The Challenge, a story of the Matterhorn. Tomorrow afternoon the wardrobe department will be visited under the direction of Miss Ann Todd. In the evening a scene from The Drum will be televised. Mr. Zoltan Korda will be seen directing Mr. Roger Livesey, Miss Valerie Hobson, and Sabu. Secrets of wood and plaster architecture used in film production will be revealed by the television cameras on Monday afternoon and a scene from The Divorce of Lady X will be televised on the same evening, when Tim Whelan, the director, will be seen on the set with Miss Binnie Barnes. On Tuesday afternoon, the B.B.C. hope to show Mr. Jack Hulbert in Tea for Two. The final television transmission from Denham, on Tuesday evening, will probably show Miss Vivien Leigh and Mr. Olivier in retakes for the film The First and the Last.

Friday, Oct 15, 1937; pg. 18; Issue 47816; col D

Thanks Nicky

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