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Powell & Pressburger - Frequently Asked Questions
Section 1. The Email Group.

1.6. Can I Post Pictures?
Pictures are commonly referred to as binaries, because of their encoding for transport on the internet.

Some people don't like finding them in their email because they tend to be rather large when coded as text as they have to be for email.

This also applies to ANY email attachments such as documents from word processors etc.

If you have any pictures then you could send them to me at & I'll add the to the P&P Gallery.

If you have any reviews that are either too long (more than 5 or so pages) or in any format apart from plain text then you can email them to me as well & I'll sort them out & add them to the reviews pages.

1.6.1 Why shouln't we email attachments?
Two reasons, one is the size they usually occupy when converted to text for sending via email, the other is the possibility of it spreading a VIRUS !!

A VIRUS is a computer program that can do damage or mischief to your computer. They are spread around (just like human viruses) by contact. If someone runs a program with a virus then it affects the operating system of the machine and anything run on that machine is liable to be infected.

However, you can prevent problems by following these simple rules :-

It is IMPOSSIBLE to get a virus by just READING an email. You get a virus ONLY by running a program. This is usually done by ...

  • An email attachment which you USE (run the program or command file)
  • A program or document that you've downloaded from the internet (or local network) and run without checking first
  • A program loaded from a disk that somebody's given you.

Although that's the way they're often shipped you should have things set up so that any email attachments are SAVED to disk rather that run/used directly from the email. I know it's faster/neater to use a program/document directly from an email but that's EXACTLY what the virus writer depends on - your laziness.

You can then do a virus check on them and only if they pass that you can use them safely. Similarly, every program (or document) that you download from the internet or from a disk should be virus checked BEFORE you run it.

Because virus writers are sneaky (and many other adjectives) you should also save to disk & check before running any WORD document or SPREADSHEET because even these can have a virus attached (via a macro).

Finally, always keep your virus checking software up to date. New viruses appear quite regularly. But remember that the virus writers are always one step ahead of the checkers, but it's very unlikely that you'll be one of the first people targetted.

Of course the other way to defeat them is to throw away all that Micro$oft rubbish that makes it so easy for the Virus writer in the first place :)

There's a bulletin at which lists all known viruses - and even the hoax ones. Hoax viruses cause almost as much alarm as the real thing. You can also check

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