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Dedicated to the work of Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger and all the other people, both actors and technicians who helped them make those wonderful films.

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Powell & Pressburger - Frequently Asked Questions
Section 1. The Email Group.

1.1. What's The Purpose Of The Group?
The purpose of the Powell and Pressburger (P&P) email group is the discuss the works of those masters of the cinema Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger and the actors and technicians who made so many wonderful films often under the banner of The Archers.

Because their most important films were made by The Archers and because the feelings we often have for them is more than mere fandom I would like to describe people like us as Toxophiles (look it up <G>)

Its secondary purpose is to allow us to alert each other to any screenings of the films (at a cinema or on TV or released on video, DVD or other media) of the P&P films or any involving people who worked in or on the films.

Then there are also various P&P related events that we organise or attend. These let us not only meet other group members but also many P&P related people.

1.1.1. What Is An Email Group?
An email group is a method whereby anybody may send an email to a single, central point and it will be distributed as an email to every member of the group.

To send a message to the group just post an email to The email will then be sent to everyone in the group (including yourself).

Remember: Once you have posted the email, it's too late to get it back. The process is fully automatic & it will be sent to everyone in the group.

When you receive a message from the group it will show the person that sent it and the subject will start with "[PnP] ..." or "Re: [PnP] ..."

You can then reply to that message as you would to any other message but it will be sent back to the email list and thus distributed to everyone on the list (including yourself).

Sometimes it is better to take a discussion "off list" if you want to discuss (or argue) with just one person in more detail. If you do this, then DO try to remember to change the "To:" address of the email or it will be sent to the whole group.
(I've made that mistake myself)

When you reply, try to trim down the parts of the original message which aren't relevent to your reply. The original message will have already been read by everyone.

This email group is made available by the nice people at OneList. Who then got taken over by eGroups. Who then got taken over by yahoo Who then gave up and we moved to

1.1.2. What Controls Are Available To Me?
There are no limits on who can join the list, although there is a recommendation that they be over 17 (mainly because of the film Peeping Tom but other "adult" issues also get discussed).

Members may elect to receive their messages as soon as they are posted, as a daily digest, or to receive no email but to read the message at the List Centre web site.

You can set or change these at

Note: If you do set the Digest option you will get one email per day (unless there were no emails sent to the group that day) and it will have a subject of "Digest ###" where "###" is the digest number. When you reply please try to reply to just one message and set the subject of your reply to the subject of that message.

1.1.3. What Else Does An Email List Offer?
All sorts of features (they keep adding more). The most useful ones are :- An Archive (at of all the messages sent. A Calendar to send out reminders (such as birthdays and anniversaries)

The email group is open to the world and although there are some lively discussions to be had (and some silly ones) please remember that anyone could be reading them

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