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P&P actors on record

Various P&P actors have sung on film or record. This is a "record" of their efforts.
List produced by Roger Mellor with assistance from other members of the group.

Anthony Quayle
Film: Oh... Rosalinda!! (1955)
Sings solo Orlofsky's Song (Chacun a son Gout)
Also sings on Champagne Song and Be My Friend
See details of soundtrack LP

Anthony Steel
Film: West of Zanzibar (1954)
Sings title song
Polygon 78 rpm record
Available on CD: 100 1950s Favourites (Pulse CD)

Anton Walbrook
Play: Call Me Madam (West End, 1952)
Sings Marrying For Love
On LP : Columbia 33SX1002

Film: La Ronde (1951)
Sings La Ronde de l'amour
78rpm record
Parlophone MSP-6002

Play: Wedding in Paris (West End, 1954)
Sings Always Young and Strike Another Match on
Parlophone PMD1011

Film: Oh... Rosalinda !! (1955)
Anton's voice was provided by Walter Berry.

Cleo Laine
Cleo played one of the urchins in The Thief of Bagdad (1940) and has since gone on to perform as a jazz singer and record far too much to record here. A starting point for more information about Cleo is

Christoper Lee
Record: The Musicality of Lerner and Lowe
Sings Wandering Star
CD (TER/Jay Records)

Conrad Veidt
Film F.P.1. Antwortet Nicht (1933)
CV sings (well, speaks to music and chorus) When the Lighthouse Shines Across the Bay
78 Parlophone R-1482
78 Parlophone A3733 (Australian issue)
*Available on CD !!*

Daniel Massey
Film: Star (1968)
Daniel Massey played Noel Coward
Featured on S/T
LP: 20th Fox DTCS-5102
CD: 20th Fox 07822-11009-2

Play: Living For Pleasure (West End, 1958)
DM sings Love You Good, Love You Right
On LP : HMV CLP 1223

Play: Make Me An Offer (West End, 1959)
DM sings I Want a Lock-up and other songs
On LP: HMV CLP-1333/ CSD-1295

Play: She Loves Me (1963, NY)
DM sings several numbers on
LP: MGM 4118
CD: Polydor 831968-2

Play: Gigi (1973, NY revival)
DM Sings on LP
RCA ABL1- 0404 (and on CD)

Play: Follies (1987, West End)
DM sings Make the Most of Your Music and other songs on
CD Encore CD-3

Deborah Kerr
Film: The King and I (1956)
Non-singer (songs were sung by Marni Nixon), but did the low notes on the film S/T

Glynis Johns
Film: Mad About Men (1954)
Sings I Can't Resist Men
Columbia (78rpm single)

Play: A Little Night Music
Sings Send in the Clowns (Sondheim wrote it especially for Glynis)
Sings You Must Meet My Wife (with Len Cariou)
Sings The Glamorous Life
CD: Sony 65284

Film: Mary Poppins (1964)
Sings Sister Suffragette and Let's Go Fly a Kite
CD: Disney

Michael Redgrave
Film: Oh... Rosalinda!! (1955)
Sings Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Laughing Song, Oh, Gentle Bat, Champagne Song and Be My Friend
See details of soundtrack LP

Pete Murray
Primarily known in the UK as a radio DJ, Pete appeared in bit parts in The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp (1943) and other films.

His "singing" (he mainly talks through songs) career includes:
Title: Rain in Spain
Artist: Pete Murray / Vera Lynn
Original EP: Decca DFE 6474
Album: Showtime
Label: Vocalion
On CD: "Showtime" CDLK 4218

Petula Clark
Petula played the "intelligent brat", Cheril, in I Know Where I'm Going!. She was a child star on radio and on film before she started her own singing career in the mid 1950s. Since then she has become an international singing star, the most successful British solo recording artist to date.

See the Official International Petula Clark Society site and a few other articles on this site.

Richard Attenborough
Film: Dr. Dolittle (1967)
Lord Dickie sang I've Never Seen Anything Like it in my Life to a 2-headed llama (a PushMePullYou)
On LP: 20th Fox DTC-5101
CD: Philips 314534500

Roger Livesey
Film: The Entertainer (1960)
Roger sings music-hall number in a public house scene.
Not issued on record.

Record: Jeeves by P.G. Wodehouse
Terry-Thomas as Bertie Wooster
Roger Livesey as Jeeves
with PnP folks Miles Malleson and Judith Furse

  • LP Record - Caedmon; 1958; TC 1137
  • Audio cassette - HarperAudio; December 1989; ISBN: 1559940042

Sid James
Play: Carry On London (West End)
Sings Our House on Pye 45- 7N 45281
Also on CD : DRG Records (NY)

Play: Kiss Me Kate (West End)
Sid sings Brush Up Your Shakespeare with Danny Green as the other gangster, best known as the dimwit villain in The Ladykillers)
On 78: Columbia DX 1741
On CD: Prism Leisure (2002)

Film: Tommy The Toreodor (1959)
Sings Where's the Birdie? on
Decca EP DFE-6607

Film: Three Hats For Lisa (1965)
Sings the immortal Bermondsey
LP: Pye Records (number?)

Sid also sings on a 1960 EMI Studio prod of Bye-Bye Birdie on
LP: HMV CSD-1366

Film: Double Bunk (1961)
Sid also sings (with Liz Fraser), the title song to Double Bunk a classic British comedy also starring Dennis Price (who tragically doesn't sing).

Valerie Hobson
Play: The King and I (West End)
Valerie played the lead role of Anna Lowens
Valerie sings I Whistle a Happy Tune etc. etc.
On LP: Philips BBL 7002

Valerie can also be heard with Herbert Lom on

  • The King and I / Golden City
    SEPIA 1027
    Selections from The King And I - Original London Cast:
    1. Overture - Orchestra
    2. I Whistle a Happy Tune - Valerie Hobson
    3. My Lord and Master - Doreen Duke
    4. Hello, Young Lovers - Valerie Hobson
    5. March of the Siamese Children - Orchestra
    6. A Puzzlement - Herbert Lom
    7. Getting to Know You - Valerie Hobson
    8. We Kiss in a Shadow - Doreen Duke & Jan Muzurus
    9. Shall I Tell You What I Think of You? - Valerie Hobson
    10. Something Wonderful - Muriel Smith
    11. I Have Dreamed - Doreen Duke & Jan Muzurus
    12. Shall We Dance? - Valerie Hobson & Herbert Lom


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