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I Know Where I'm Going!

A Celebration of This Well Loved Mull Film

The 2022 weekend

Update from Robert Beveridge (6 June 2020):

Dear friends,

With regret we have to announce that the IKWIG celebration planned for October 2020 has had to be rescheduled.

You will understand the reasons.

The good news is that it will take place in October 2021, most likely October 22 to 24.

It will be lovely to see you there and best wishes to all for good health in these times.

Robert B

On 19th June 2020, Robert said:

I am delighted to confirm that our celebration of this beloved movie will take place on MULL from 22 to 24 October 2021

Amongst the highlights will be a showing of the film at Duart castle - on the saturday afternoon.

Not least will also be the participation of Emeric's grandson Andrew McDonald and Professor Ian Christie. Thelma S-P has promised to do her very best to be with us

It will be lovely to catch up with friends from the past and make new ones.

The Western Isles Hotel is currently closed but it may be, in this time of crisis- a kindness if you could message them to confirm your booking/attendance.

Very best wishes and hopes for a better future. I am hoping the plague will have gone by early november

Robert B

Try again,
Robert then gave the new dates of Friday/Saturday 21st/22nd October 2022.
Here's hoping ...

The latest update from Robert & Nicholas ...

(1) On "Saturday 22nd October" now that we have written permission from the Hortons I would expand the 09.30 bit to "arrive at Listed Phonebox and courtesy of Mark & Nancy Horton visit Carsaig House and Pier-echoes of Catriona Maclaine". Then "11.30 Lochbuie House courtesy of Jim & Patience Corbett".

(2) Also, when do you want my talk and for how long? (20 minutes + Q & A?). It could be described as "Nicolas Maclean, whose mother lived near Moy Castle, will reveal the IKWIG story's secret links with real people and events on Mull).

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