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ACT Location Walk, Chilham, 30th August 2020

Advance notice:
This year's PaPAS A Canterbury Tale film location walk will be held on Sunday, August 30 in Chilham, just off the Ashford road (A28) to the west of Canterbury. We will meet at Chilham railway station at 1:30 pm. If travelling by car, park at the station, in the village car park off Taylor's Hill, or wherever on-street parking is allowed. For details of bus and rail services to Chilham visit and Please check the National Rail website the day before you travel to ensure that there are no timetable alterations due to engineering works etc.

"Is there some place around here
where we can have a pow-wow?"

Our first location stop will be Chilham Mill, where the "Boys' river battle" scene was filmed and Bob Johnson and Peter Gibbs later rewarded Leslie and Terry for finding the evidence that proved that Thomas Colpeper JP was the glueman.

We will then walk up the hill overlooking the mill to the field where Colpeper & Alison had their "roll in the grass" and on to Old Wye Lane where Alison got intercepted by the Bren carriers. Then we'll walk back to Julliberrie's Grave which was used as "pow-wow hill" by Bob and the boys. Then back via the mill and on to Chilham Square, to discover locations featured as "Chillingbourne" in several key scenes.

We'll explore Chilham village, where Bob and Peter played Catch! and Alison met the bus conductress, Polly Finn. Discover the street that was recreated at Denham Studio for the "cut to the chase" in which Alison, Bob and Peter pursue the Glueman through blacked-out Chillingbourne. Visit St Mary's Church and The Pilgrims' Way - and listen again to Thomas Colpeper's lecture about 'The Old Road'.

We will enjoy a picnic somewhere along the way and aim to complete our walk at one of Chilham's pubs between 4 and 5pm.

Your guides will be Colin Turner and Sue Mason-Saunders of the Powell & Pressburger Appreciation Society.


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