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Carsaig Phone Box

Great news from Robert Beveridge, the chap that organised our anniversary trip to Mull. The IKWIG phone box has been listed by Historic Scotland as a Category B building (or structure) of local importance. This should mean it will be preserved for future visits, even though it may be impractical and it will prevent it from being "upgraded" to a more modern style.

Of course, the real experts can tell you that there were actually two phone boxes. The one at the location and the one in the studio, and they are different models on the classic design.

At Robert Beveridge's suggestion I contacted Ofcom to ask if they knew of any plans to do anything to the Carsaig phone box.

BT (for those not from these shores, that's British Telecom, the main phone company) had announced that they wanted to start decomissioning (i.e. demolishing) phone boxes that weren't used much because they were an expense to maintain them and they wanted to get some return on that expense.

When I contacted them I did mention its "significant use" in the film and that many people travel to Mull because of the film and they all like to have their photo taken in the phone box, often even making a call from there.

The nice lady at Ofcom (The Office of Communication, the regulators that oversee all the phone companies) replied thusly:

Steve -- Ofcom doesn't have details of any plans BT may have to remove phone boxes. But the rules for their removal are laid down by Ofcom and are quite detailed. If there isn't another box within 400 metres of the one they want to remove, BT have to consult the local council who are in turn obliged to consult local groups. There should also be a notice placed in the phone box advising people that the box is under threat of removal and to whom representations should be made.

Details of the rules can be seen at

I hope this is helpful


Vicki Nash

Vicki Nash
Director, Ofcom Scotland
+44 (0) 141 229 7401 T
+44 (0) 141 229 7433 F

Ofcom Scotland
Sutherland House,
149 St. Vincent Street
G2 5NW

I think that's a great reply and probably about the best we can hope for from such organisations. Now, if only we can get a mole in the local council (Argyll And Bute) who can tell us if any such notices are published ... :)

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