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Gaelic in IKWIG

Like many Powell & Pressburger films, I Know Where I'm Going! contains quite a bit of dialogue that isn't in English. They often did this in their films, and they never used subtitles. They always assumed a reasonably intelligent audience and it's possible to get the gist of what is being said from the context, the expressions and other things. That's enough to keep following the story.

But it would be nice to be sure what they are saying in Gaelic, and with the help of Sally Bishop and a Gaelic speaking friend of hers, we can identify and translate some of the expressions used.

When Catriona comes back to the house with her dogs.... Torquil calls gaol mo chridhe "Love of my heart".
Catriona replies a'bhalaich tha mi toilichte ga dh' fhaicinn "My boy, I am happy to see you". This is not an uncommon greeting.

When they are talking about the damage done to her home, they say pàigh no bàs in a joking way. "pay or die"
It is also very similar to the motto of the Clan MacNeil, Buaidh no bas. "Victory or death"

In the toast slàinte mhath dhut "good health to you" which very very common.

On the bus. obhh ceart a' Sheaumais "Oh James, you are right" as they are guessing if the man with the woman is the laird. Himself.

At the party someone shouts to Old Campbell bruidhinn facal no dha "Give us a word or two ...", encouraging him to make a speech.

After the song ends the girl yells out thigibh a-staigh òlaibh ti "come inside and drink tea"

On the pier you hear Bridie say ist, tha iad a'tighinn "be still, they are coming".

Corrections to spelling and accents by Fiona

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