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Powell & Pressburger Images
Roger Livesey & Ursula Jeans

Most of these, especially the theatre programmes,
were provided by Neal Lofthouse,
for which we thank him.

Early photo of Roger

Roger at his best

Roger in his last play

A great profile

The naughty vicar
in League of Gentlemen (1959)

Ursula Jeans
Roger's loving wife

Early Theatre Programme

Early Theatre Programme
Savoy Theatre, London
Feb 23rd 1922

"Lady Precious Stream"
From 'The First European Production of "Lady Precious Stream", a traditional Chinese play in four acts by S.I. Hsiung'. This was presented by The People's National Theatre at the Little Theatre in 1934. (Presumeably it was in English.) Roger played the Prime Minister's Gardener, Hsieh Ping-Kuei.

Roger in "Lady Precious Stream"

Roger in "Lady Precious Stream"

"Storm In A Teacup"
From a production of 'Storm In A Teacup' by James Bridie at the Theatre Royal Haymarket, 7th March 1936.Roger played Frank Burdon.

"Shaw at 6:30"
An evening of two pieces by George Bernard Shaw presented by Roger's own company consisting of himself, Ursula Jeans, Peter Glenville and Marshall Sheppard. The plays were directed by Roger too and were in aid of M.E.S.A.

A note on the front cover reads as follows:
'The grateful thanks of M.E.S.A. are tendered to Roger Livesey and his distinguished company for there generous gesture in presenting these plays at this Theatre during the week and their tour of the camps in the Sussex area to entertain members of H.M Forces to follow.'

M.E.S.A. = Mobile Entertainment Southern Area. It was a low budget version of ENSA. Donald Sinden's stage debut was at the Theatre Royal, Brighton in a MESA production.

"Shaw at 6:30"
by Roger's own company

Roger & Ursula in
"The Great Sebastians"
Australia, 11th Jan 1958

Roger's biography from
Australian programme

Ursula's biography from
Australian programme

"Ever Since Paradise"
New Theatre, London
(Signed by Roger & Ursula)

"Man of the World"
Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith, London
(Signed by Roger & Ursula)

"Perseus and Medusa"
Performance on Record
(45 rpm EP)

"Perseus and Medusa"
Reverse of EP

Roger enjoying the "Book of
the Film" for Vice Versa (1948)
Note ad for AMOLAD on back
Thanks to
Tom Ruben

Indonesian banknote signed by Roger, Ursula and Ann Bennett
Probably signed while they were on the ENSA tour in 1946
Thanks to Steve Cummings
John A Marsdon writes:
Many years ago I was asked by a reporter on the Hemel Hempstead Gazette to photograph a function in a public house in Sarratt. The occasion was the annual harvest festival; after the evening service the vicar used to lead the congregation to the local pub where a short service was conducted, after which the vicar served from behind the bar.

I submitted two photos to the paper, they published one of them. Later, the reporter pointed out that in the other I had inadvertently caught Roger Livesey and Ursula Jeans near the bar.

Would you like a copy?

Of course I replied "YES PLEASE"

Can you spot Roger and Ursula relaxing in their local hostelry?

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