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Powell & Pressburger Images
A Matter of Life and Death (1946)

Be warned: As AMOLAD is my favourite film I tend to have more items related to it than to any of the other films - Steve

Mosaic created by
Katie Yu
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8 mini lobby cards
4 are colorized :(

Abraham Sofaer
- the judge

The judge

June in the ambulance

Angel & Pilot
- Kathleen Byron
& Bonar Colleano

Angel & Pilot
- Kathleen Byron
& Bonar Colleano

"We're shaping Frank"

In the rhododendron bushes
- "Mon Ami!" the
Conductor said gently

"... would love to be a clerk"


The High Court descends
to Earth

The Court views the operation

The Court descends

The crew at work

David Niven
- Publicity photo

David Niven
- Publicity photo

"We must operate at once"

Dr Frank addresses
the court

Dr Frank

A Tear on A Rose

Final scene

Goodbye darling

Jack & Geoffrey #

DVD cover

Columbia Classics
Video Jacket

Video Jacket (Rank)

Video Jacket
- A different one from Rank


"I've spoken to his Group Medical Officer"

"It's not my fault I wasn't killed"

It's going to be all right

Kim Hunter
- Publicity photo

"Don't move your eyes, look straight ahead"

Marius Goring
- Publicity photo #

"But at my back I always hear Time's winged chariot hurrying near"

"She is a nice girl"

Kim Hunter (June)

Nurses in the Courtroom

Powell among the Nurses
[Is he giving direction or chatting them up?]

On set (Jack, Micky & David)

On Trial

The patient

Peter D. Carter

Peter & Conductor 71

Poster for Stairway to Heaven video

Poster (UK re-issue)

Press Book - Title

Press Book - June

Press Book - Peter

Press Book - Reviews

Press Book - The Team

Press Book - Exploitation

Press Book - Adverts

Roger Livesey
- Publicity photo

Stairway sketch
by Alfred Junge

"What about 'im?"

People on the stairway
- not in the film??

The Stairway (Ethel)

The AMOLAD stamp

"Ah, one is starved of Technicolor ... up there"

Publicity still

Getting ready for the trial (note the table)

The Judge was a magnificent figure

The Opposition
- "what is a tear?"

The Trial

On trial (grainy pic)

Video Cover
(Rank Classic Collection)

Video Cover
(Rank Classic Collection)
- inside cover

View from the bench

View from the prosecution

Viedo by The Independent
(UK Newspaper)

Lobby Card

50th Anniversary Poster

Spanish Poster

Italian poster

Nothing is stronger than the law

Judge & Jury



(Pink Cover)

(Blue Cover)

A strange copy of the book with a yellow cover

Another strange copy of the book with a salmon pink cover

Those marked with a # are from the AMOLAD book.

Those marked with a * are from the "special" collection with the Magic Stamp on the back.


Now here is an odd one, found by Patrick Boner.
(Click on the image to see a larger version although it is about the size of this image, smaller than regular 10x8 studio stills)
That label isn't stuck onto the front of the photo, it's part of the photo so it was printed with that on the negative. That's not something that I've ever seen before.
It explicitly mentions that it's a British film, thus suggesting that this photo wasn't made for a British audience. It calls it "A Matter of Life and Death", not "Stairway to Heaven", so it's not American. The label is in English so presumably for a country where English is the main language (that cuts it down a bit). Is that a date in the upper right of the label? If so, "24.1.47" must be 24 January 1947 which also excludes any other countries that use the American date format of month-day-year (there aren't 24 months in a year).

So where might it be from? Please contact me if you have any suggestions.

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