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Romance in Filmland
from Picture Show; April 10th, 1937

Esmond Knight, handsome hero of a score of films, has been happily married to Frances Clare, the popular West End actress, for a number of years. They first met while playing the young lovers in a touring company of Eden Phillpott's play, "Yellow Sands" - became engaged during their travels round the provinces - and were married on their return to London.

Only once since their marriage have they acted together and that was in a production of "Comus" at Westminster School, where Esmond was educated, and whither he returns, when his film work grants him sufficient leisure, to coach the boys for their theatrical productions.

Esmond is the only actor-falconer on the screen. Usually he and Frances go down into Kent and spend real Tudor week-ends, hunting with falcons, just as the nobility did in the reign of Henry VIII. At the end of their long day they return with their kill and enjoy their Sunday dinner to the full by sitting down to a sumptuous game pie.

Rosalind, their three-year-old daughter, whose blue eyes are an exact replica of her father's, was named after the heroine of Shakespeare's "As You Like It", which happens to be the favourite play of both her parents.

In London this popular pair live quietly in a mellowed old house in St. John's Wood.

Apart from acting, Esmond enjoys making films, and has assisted in the production of several natural history films, depicting the lives of eagles and other birds of prey, under the direction of his famous uncle, Captain C.W.R. Knight, who is the greatest living authority on such birds.

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