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Trips to P&P related locations or events
Shropshire, November 2001

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Steve's Snaps

Much Wenlock
The Clock Tower

The Guildhall
(market below)

Much Wenlock
Looking away from the Guildhall

First view of Hunter's Spinney

Really Pontesford Hill
and Earl's Hill

Looking towards Pontesford

The Grove, Pontesbury
Where the Chapel elders
marched to confront
Edward & Hazel

Where the hunt met
and passed the elders

Starting up Pontesford Hill

Looking back down
from half-way up

The view down the other side

Various views around the top
of Pontesford Hill

The Mineshaft

... turning round ...

... to look at the Chapel
(just down the hill)

That gable end had a false
window fitted for the film

The area in front of the Chapel
where they held the fête

Looking back up the hill

That's where Hazel ran down
to her final plummet

Upper Vesson's Farm. Where
Reddin met the Minister

Mary Webb probably took the
name for Reddin's manservant
from here

The graveyard in front
of the Chapel

Reddin leant against these
stones while watching Hazel

Round the back of the Chapel

The Baptismal pool was made
here (although there's a
better one inside)

Back in Much Wenlock
A few interesting signs
inside the Guildhall market

Pentre, near New Invention

The Callow, the site of the
cottage of Abel & Hazel Woodus

This is a totally new cottage
but looks quite nice there.

Odd that the back half
is built of wood

Looking around the area

Looking out over the valley
Those rooftops can be glimpsed
in the film

From Pentre towards Clun


The Burway (on Long Mynd)
Where Reddin met the roadmender

It's a bit wild & windswept

Botvyle Farm
Hazel ran home at night

That pyramidical hill identified it

Hughley School
Where the haycart picked up
people for the fair

Hughley School
various carriages pass here

Church Preen (and Nick)
The pony & trap dashes down
this lane

and passes this gable end

Another cart comes out of the
turning where the car is parked

Hughley Mill Farm

The traction engine turns
down the lane to the right

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Nick's Screen Captures

Botvyle Farm
Hazel on her way home at night

Church Preen
The pony & trap on the
way to the chapel social

Hughley Mill Farm
The steam traction engine

Hughley School

Hunters Spinney
Place of assignation

Pontesford Hill, looking for Foxy

Pontesford Hill
That's a big hill

Jennifer must have been fit

But it's a lovely view

Much Wenlock.
The inscription on the
clock tower

Probably in the studio.

Much Wenlock
Looking down towards the Guildhall

Bartlett Mullins
He's a shopkeeper in PT as well

What a dapper chap
Wonder who he is?

The chapel elders

The hunt meets

The Burway

Gerald Lawson
The roadmender
(also a chapel elder)

The Burway

The Callow
Running towards the cottage

The Callow

The Callow

Upper Vessons Farm

Upper Vessons Farm

Nick has also done some maps of the area showing where all the locations are

Church Stretton


The Stiperstones

The Callow


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