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Paul and Kate Thompson went to Mull
in the fall of 2006

Hello Steve,
I have enjoyed your site for many years now. I am too a huge P&P fan every since I saw IKWIG 30 years ago on television.

Seeing your site and the documentary for IKWIG with Nancy Franklin made me want to visit the Isle of Mull and particularly the filming locations.

In the fall of 2006, my wife and I visited the lake district and Scotland from our Chicago suburban home. We only had a night and a day to visit the island and as in the film we were swept away with its wonder and beauty. Being obsessive about IKWIG, I printed up some screen grabs from the film and set out to take photos from as close of an angle as possible. So this meant walking into boggy areas, walking on to rocks out in the water... all to my wife's amusement.

Anyway I took some photos of filming locations that I haven't seen in some of the other posts so I thought I would share.

This is the scene where the Bus stops and lets the hunters out to go hunt the Colonel's golden eagle. (on the northwest side on Mull)
This is the road leading down to Carsaig and the famous phone box by the waterfall. (My wife, Kate is the stand in for Joan)
This is the house next to Carsaig where Joan walks up to the Catriona's house and the bridge that the Joan's hired car goes over in the beginning of the film.
This is one of the Boat house at Carsaig (taken from the rocks) and the Carsaig Pier from Joan's vantage point.
This is a side shot of Carsaig Pier and my lovely wife as the stand in for Joan.
This is a shot of Duart Castle (Castle of Sorne, where the English Family Robinson are living). Even though they didn't actually shoot there - just look at the detail
Tobermory bay
Me by the phone box.

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