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Lou Volpe went to Mull
where IKWIG was filmed,
with some friends,
on March 30th 1999

I have attached, as promised some snaps of our trips up to Scotland & IKWIG sites. I'll briefly go through them first, not really captions rather just descriptions -

[Click on any image to see it full size - Steve]

The Waterfall The Waterfall. Taken on the track leading down to Carsaig. It's the waterfall next to the phonebox of course and as the weather was wet it was in full flow. Its difficult to get a head-on shot of the box and the waterfall because its a very narrow (& steep!) track with a drop on one side. People in the shot are (l-r) Inga, Colleen, Stella & Zilvis.

Corryvrecken Corryvrecken from boat. difficult to get a true impression as it changes from minute to minute and from place to place. the water boils in places and dead calm just a few feet away. Out of nowhere great whirlpools and waves appear and the boatman was skilled enough to power into these so the front lifted up and came down with a crash!

Kerrera Kerrera. This little island lies right off the shore of Oban (5 minute boat trip). While not a P&P location it does give a flavour of the area. Oban itself can be seen in the distance as can a CalMac ferry
[It might be an IKWIG location - Joan says Oban was very nice especially "that lovely green island" - Lou]

THE phonebox THE phonebox from IKWIG and you can just make out the waterfall next to it. The narrow track meant this was the best I could get. The water really does make a hell of a racket.

Corryvrecken Probably a better shot of Corryvreken as you can just make out a whirlpool forming. Next time I go I'll try to take a video camera as I think it's the only way to do it justice.

Tobermory Tobermory - taken from the opposite end from the western isles hotel which can be seen at the far end, above the yellow and blue buildings.

Carsaig The view from the jetty at Carsaig, where the boat action took place. The other time we visited here the weather was foul and waterfalls were cascading over the cliffs at several points. The wind was blowing so hard that the water falls over the edge and then gets blown UP in great plumes

Hello Sailor A snap taken on our trip out to corryvreken. l-r - Stella, Pete, Colleen, Zilvis & yours truly. Apart from seeing Corryvreken all sorts of wild life were spotted - seals, a stag up on an island, deer, birds of prey & even goats.

Boathouse Carsaig boathouse. Next to the jetty at Carsaig. Locked up and we could not see inside I'm afraid.

Carsaig jetty Carsaig jetty. Our IKWIG shot! this is the jetty at Carsaig. It is falling into ruin now with half of it collapsed into the sea. Well worth the effort involved in getting to Carsaig with good walking along the shore and cliffs.

Western Isles Hotel The Western Isles Hotel in Tobermory, on its perch, looking out over the harbour / bay. It does have a great view. In the lobby are memorabilia, poster, directors chair photos etc and the staff are well used to visitors just calling in to look at the lobby. Been refurbished inside and only the staircase and main doors look familiar.

Duart Castle The hall at Duart Castle. [Castle of Sorne, where the Robinson's are staying] l-r Catherine, Edina, Colleen.
[Where is Petula Clark and the spaniels? - Steve]

Moy Castle A view of Moy castle

Moy Castle Pete tries the door to Moy castle. It's locked - curse you MacNeil!

I've tried to give you a selection, obviously you need to be ruthless in cutting them down so I'll leave it to you rather than do it myself! the file & picture sizes also need adjusting I presume. I'm trying to get hold of other pictures taken by our party, especially of Moy & Duart castles. As I've mentioned before, we stay at the Ardtornish Estate which is a fabulous base. The big house there is amazing and its only 2-3 miles from the Lochaline ferry to Mull. I would recommend it to anyone, especially if they have a group going. The web site is

Regards - Lou

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