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ACT Location Walk, Canterbury, 26th August 2007

Advance notice:
This year's PaPAS A Canterbury Tale film location walk will be held on Sunday, August 26. We will meet at Canterbury West Railway Station late morning, ("Pilgrims for Canterbury, all out and get your blessings"), then visit locations in the city centre and Canterbury Cathedral. Time permitting we will also visit the King's School, where Michael Powell was educated. Full details will be posted on this website later this month (June).

The survivors at the end of the walk
gathered on the green in The King's School
Well that was fun. Tiring, but fun.
We had sunshine, but not too much of it (it's dangerous stuff in large doses)
We had 50+ people turn up to join us. Quite a few regulars who it's always good to see and a fair few new people as well who we got to know during the day.

BBC (South East) were there filming and interviewing us as we walked around and did some little "playlets", getting people to read out a few lines at the locations where they were spoken in the film.

To be honest, the location walk in Canterbury itself has its limitations. We have to deal with the crowds of tourists (or pilgrims) and the traffic. It's hard to stand in the middle of the road to get the exact angle on a building for your "then and now" shot with traffic (pedestrian or vehicular) trying to get by. And they've redeveloped the top end of Canterbury 4 or 5 times since the film was made so for many of the scenes we can stand in the right spot but it looks totally different to what you see on screen. There is still quite a lot that hasn't changed since 1943/44 though. In fact there are quite a few parts that haven't changed since the 11th century or so. Like the Cathedral and the West Gate in the old city walls.

But it was still a great day out. It's always nice to get into Canterbury and have a look around. To see what they've changed and what is still there. There's a nice little church in the centre of town that I always like to look around. Bob Johnson's pa built a good church in Johnson County but I suspect that the Cathedral is just a tad more impressive :)

The collection for Kent Kids Miles of Smiles raised £94. Many thanks to everyone who contributed.

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