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A great 8 days in Canterbury
By: Steve Crook

Saturday 16th:
Well here we were, at the end of the week, so soon. An early (for me) start at Canterbury Christ Church University College for the 'Locating Powell' conference.

A good turn out. It started with an introduction by Eddie McMillan and then three papers presented by lecturers at the college. These are really "works in progress" and will (we hope) be presented at the Michael Powell Centenary Conference in Bangor in 2005.

The papers presented were:
Karen Shepherdson: Narrative Histories and the Presence of the Past in A Canterbury Tale
Bryan Hawkins: A Canterbury Tale and the Neo-Romantic Context
Nick Burton: Landscapes of Desire in Age of Consent

Interesting papers and a good discussion session after each of them. We went back into Canterbury for a spot of lunch and now this is the bit that you might find hard to believe...

We had the option of a guided tour around the exhibition by Bryan where he would explain the thinking and planning behind it ... or ... we could go up to the Gulbenkian and see A Matter of Life and Death. And I chose the guided tour of the exhibition!

You might find hard to believe, knowing well how much I love that film. But I have seen it many, many times on the big screen and countless times on video and DVD. And I had seen it on the big screen less than two months ago - so I though that I could manage to miss it just this once. I'm glad I did because Bryan's guided tour of the exhibition was fascinating.

But we managed to get up to the University campus that evening for Age of Consent and the American version of A Canterbury Tale to finish off a wonderful festival.

Many thanks to everyone involved who put it all together and thanks as well to everyone who came. I certainly was "A great 8 days in Canterbury".

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