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Flyer for ACT location walk, 31st August 2003

'A Canterbury Tale'
60th anniversary location walk
Sunday, August 31, 2003
Meet at 12.15 pm* at Chilham Railway Station

Your guides will be Steve Crook, founder of the Powell & Pressburger Appreciation Society and Paul Tritton, author of 'A Canterbury Tale - Memories of a Classic Wartime Movie'

In the grass

Our 2003 reunion for veterans and admirers of Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger's 'haunting and heartfelt' film of a wartime pilgrimage to Canterbury will be held 60 years after the last Sunday in August 1943. This was the day on which the memorable 'scene in the long grass' was made and Sgt John Sweet of the US Army joined the film unit.

There is no charge for attending this event, nor do you need to book - but please give generously to our
collection for Kent Kids Miles of Smiles Holiday Respite Home.

The walk will end at between 4 and 5pm, hopefully at one of Chilham's teashops or pubs.

This is a Powell & Pressburger Appreciation Society event.
For further information visit
or contact (tel 01622 741198)

* The 11.44 from Canterbury West and the 11.58 from Ashford International arrive at Chilham at 11.53 and 12.10 respectively, but please confirm these times with National Rail before your journey. If travelling by car, use the free car park at Chilham Station or the one near Chilham Square, or find a kerbside space in the village .Be prepared for a long but leisurely ramble (at the speed of the slowest walker) and bring your own refreshments.

You can download the flyer (Word format document)

More information about the trip