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Submitted by Patrick Boner

By Horseback From Dublin

Film Star And Wife On Way To Land Of "Paddy The Cope"

From: The Derry Journal Monday Morning; January 28, 1946

Like the prelude to another Man of Arran was the romantic spectacle - which paraded almost unnoticed before the eyes of Dubliners on Saturday morning when Michael Powell, the British film star, and his Dublin-born wife, set out on, horse-back on a two hundred miles journey across Ireland in search of Donegal - the Donegal which "Paddy the Cope" pictured in his book of that name. What exactly the film star's intention is in adopting this strange means of coming to grips with the fancies which his reading Of Mr. Gallagher's book has conjured up in his mind is not clear - at least he has not stated it clearly - but there is a suggestion that it is the beginning of a project to produce a film based on Mr: Gallagher's simple yet graphic narration of life's vicissitudes as he watched his enterprises growing amidst the barrenness of the Rosses. All Mr. Powell has revealed - he stated it to the Pressmen just as he swung himself into the saddle of a borrowed blood chestnut mare at Finglas - is that ever since he read "Paddy the Cope" he has been anxious to answer the call of Donegal and explore its possibilities.

Mr. and Mrs. Powell plan to spend the next seven or eight days on horseback, travelling in easy stages of about 30 miles per day. They are due to arrive back in Dublin on February 11 and will make the return journey by train.

With them went Mr. Mattie Gaul, a groom who will escort them on the journey driving a pony and gig, carrying luggage and equipment, and who will act as groom, guide, and general advance agent.

On Monday next the couple's six-months old baby Kevin, will be taken by his nurse to Donegal, there to await the arrival of his parents. Mr. Powell's film editor and chief scout for exterior films, Mr. John Seaburne, and his secretary, Miss Elspeth Day, a Glasgow girl, will also travel to Donegal by train.

Mr. Seaburne told Press representatives on Saturday that, he and Mr. Powell had become, very interested in Donegal, especially the North West of the county, and felt it would make a fine background for a film story. They intended to meet the people, study their ways of life and customs and visit some of the islands. If they felt there was good material available they would make a film in due course.

Mr. Powell, who is aged 37 and a native of Kent is director and producer for Archer Films, Ltd., and also makes pictures for independent producers in the Rank group. Films he has made include 49th Parallel ,Colonel Blimp, A Canterbury Tale, A Matter of Life and Death and I Know Where I'm Going.

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