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Awards & honours bestowed upon Emeric Pressburger

Unlike Michael Powell, Emeric was awarded an Oscar (for the script of 49P) he was also quite well recognised & honoured by many other bodies.

Date Award Details Notes
1943 Oscar Awarded for Best Writing, Original Story
for 49P
Michael was nominated for Best Film for 49P
1943 Oscar Nominated for Best Writing, Original Screenplay for OOOAIM. Nomination shared with Michael
Won by Woman of the Year
1948 Bodil Award
Copenhagen, Denmark
Awarded for Best European Film
Award shared with Michael
1948 Golden Lion
Venice Film Festival
Nominated for Golden Lion
for TRS
Nomination shared with Michael
1948 Oscar   Jack Cardiff & Alfred Junge won the Oscar for BN
1949 Oscar Nominated for Best Picture
Nominated for Best Writing
for TRS
Nomination for Best Picture shared with Michael
Won by Olivier's Hamlet
1949 Oscar   Brian Easdale, Hein Heckroth & Arthur Lawson won Oscars for TRS
1949 BAFTA Nominated for Best British Film
for TRS
Nomination shared with Michael
Won by Carol Reed for The Fallen Idol
1951 Silver Bear
Berlin Film Festival
Awarded for Best musical
for ToH
Award shared with Michael
1957 BAFTA Nominated for Best British Film, Best British Screenplay and Best Film (from any source)
for BoRP
Nominations shared with Michael
Best Film won by René Clément for Gervaise (France)
Best British Film won by Lewis Gilbert for Reach for the Sky
Best British Screenplay won by Nigel Balchin for The Man Who Never Was
1970     First retrospective at the NFT
1978 BFI Special award   The award was shared with Michael
1978     Full retrospective at the NFT
1981 BAFTA Fellowship   Michael was similarly rewarded

The fellowships were presented by Deborah Kerr who said "it was about time they were recognised"
1983 BFI Fellowship   Michael was similarly rewarded

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