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Review from 28 May 1960 issue of Picture Show


Produced and Directed by Michael Powell
British.   Certificate "X"
Running time 108 minutes
Eastman Colour
Original story and screenplay by Leo Marks
Mrs. Stephens
Arthur Baden
Mr. Peters
Diane Ashley
Don Jarvis
Doctor Rosan
Inspector Gregg
Sergeant Miller
Publicity Chief
Assistant Director
Miss Simpson
Elderly Gentleman
Store Detective
Carl Boehm
Moira Shearer
Anna Massey
Maxine Audley
Esmond Knight
Bartlett Mullins
Shirley Ann Field
Michael Goodliffe
Brenda Bruce
Martin Miller
Pamela Green
Jack Watson
Nigel Davenport
Brian Wallace
Susan Travers
Maurice Durant
Brian Worth
Veronica Hurst
Miles Malleson
Alan Rolfe
The nastiest horror film to be produced for a long time is this controversial and very shocking story of an unbalanced young man and the victims who fall prey to his camera and knife.

Beautifully produced and directed by Michael Powell the film opens with the murder of a prostitute and gets progressively more scary and sick-making as the story continues.

Carl Boehm sensitively portrays the title role of a young photographer who owes his nauseating obsession to photograph terror to his brilliant scientist father who had used his small son as a guinea pig in psychological experiments.

Anna Massey gives the young man friendship and luckily escapes the fate of Moira Shearer, who appears much too briefly, Pamela Green and Brenda Bruce.

A gruesome climax which really scared me (I was very hesitant about turning my light off that night) is superbly suspenseful but rounds up a rather unhealthy film which I strongly do not recommend to anyone in the least bit affected by what they see on screen.

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