1 In, for example, The Birth of the Clinic (An Archaeology of Medical Perception), 1989 Routledge/Tavistock

2 In the first volume of his autobiography (A Life in Pictures) Powell gave his opinion that Shearer would probably have performed better if he had slept with her ....

3 Powell [1992 p 404] confesses that in the scene with the lizard [0:22:15] his son Columba was alarmed by the creature but "[N]eedless to say, I used the scene ...."

4 Fred Davies has commented to me that the film could be seen as an homage to Vertov's Chelovek s kinoapparatom (Man with the Movie Camera) (1929)

5 The choice of italics and quotes is Christie's

Introduction: A puzzle and a half
Looking Voyeurism, scopophilia and other visual pleasures
Photographing me photographing you
What the critics saw
Appendix 1: Cast, credits and technical information
Appendix 2: Filmography and picture sources

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