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Diego Mondella writes from Italy:

Dear Mr.Crook,
I am Diego Mondella, a big big fan of Michael Powell. Do you remember of me? I had written you several times, asking for information about "Peeping Tom". By the way, I'd like to thank you again for your precious and quick answers, absolutely useful for my university work.

Now, I write you to announce that I'm going to publish my essay about "Peeping Tom".

In the next weeks, in fact, will be available my book: "PEEPING TOM. THE CINEMA OF MICHAEL POWELL" (Ed. Falsopiano). I want to underline that this book is the first one in italian dedicated to this film, and also one of few books about Powell published in Italy.

I give you just few lines to summarize the contents of the book:

The Michael Powell's cult movie is analyzed (through six chapters) in every single aspect: from the fascinating birth to the narrative structure, from the caracter to the "mise en scene". The author wants to point out the meta-cinematographic nature of Peeping Tom, as well as its various and interesting psychoanalytic implications.
This book will have a preview presentation during Bergamo Film Meeting (5-13 March 2005), an important italian festival of cinema that this year celebrates the centenary of Michael Powell's birth.

I hope you'll mention my book on your site!
Remember that as soon as possible I'll send you a copy!

Thank you a lot for your attention,
with kindest regards,


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