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Fan Letter
From Cecil B. DeMille

Dear Messrs. Powell and Pressburger,

Recently I had the belated pleasure of seeing your picture "Tales of Hoffman." (sic) Perhaps you will not mind my writing you a fan letter about it.

From my earliest theatre going days I have been a lover of Grand Opera. The physical drawbacks of the average operatic presentation have often bothered me - in fact it is hard for me to remember a production which did not make heavy demands on the imagination. The only satisfactory frame of mind to bring to the theatre was to say to oneself, "Well - you can't have everything."

Your production of "Tales of Hoffman" (still sic) has proven that you can have everything. For the first time in my life I was treated to Grand Opera where the beauty, power and scope of the music was equally matched by the visual presentation.

I thank you for outstanding courage and artistry in bringing to us Grand Opera as it existed until now, only in the minds of those who created it.

     Cecil B. DeMille

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