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Black Narcissus (1947)
Criterion DVD timings
From: Kaplan

Cue Description Start Length
1.Main Title0.33(1.52)
2.The Palace Of Mopu4.35(3.08)
3.The General7.43(0.40)
4.The Erotic Picture10.42(0.27)
5.Sister Ruth Rings The Bell13.51(0.37)
6.Drums In The Night21.34(2.50)
7.Palace Mending24.31(0.28)
8."A Proper Convent"29.15(0.39)
9.Kanchi Arrives30.43(2.25)
10.Dean Leaves33.36(0.34)
11.Sister Ruth Looks On34.26(0.14)
12.Strange Atmosphere35.42(1.34)
15.The Young General40.35(0.46)
16.Kanchi's Dance42.40(1.43)
17.The Scent Of Black Narcissus47.12(1.02)
19.Granny's Footstool49.10(1.10)
20.Christmas At Saint Faith51.39(2.14)
21.After The Service (Lullay My Liking)53.58(1.05)
22."No, I Won't Be A Nun !"55.47(0.23)
23.Sister Clodagh Confronts Sister Ruth59.43(0.26)
25.The Prince And The Beggar Maid61.54(1.54)
26.The Glass Of Milk72.31(2.10)
27.Sister Clodagh's Confession75.07(4.08)
28.The Red Dress80.46(2.38)
29.Sister Ruth Escapes83.25(1.50)
30.Mr. Dean's House85.53(1.13)
31.Sister Ruth Wakes Up88.33(1.00)
32."composed sequence"89.33(5.48)

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