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A Canterbury Tale - Memories of a Classic Wartime Movie

A New Edition is available from August 1st, 2006

Three strangers - a Women's Land Army girl, an American GI and a British soldier - meet for the first time in the wartime blackout at a country railway station near Canterbury.

Moments later the girl becomes the latest victim of Chillingbourne's 'glueman' who flees into the shadows.

From this sinister opening episode to its climactic military parade and service in Canterbury Cathedral, Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger's haunting and heartfelt movie A Canterbury Tale unfolds as a fascinating story of three people whose lives are changed by the blessings they receive when, after an eventful weekend in the East Kent countryside, they arrive in Canterbury on the day a local regiment embarks for the Second Front.

A Canterbury Tale - Memories of a Classic Wartime Movie by Paul Tritton describes, episode by episode, how the film was made and features:

This book was first published in August 2000. This edition, available from August 1st, 2006, contains a wealth of additional material, including many full-colour photographs and a review of events that have taken place in and around Canterbury since 2000 to celebrate and commemorate A Canterbury Tale.

Read some reviews of the two editions.

180 pages. Hardback covers with laminated dust jacket.
On sale at the address below and by mail order.

Price: £25. Please add £6.50 for postage to any UK address, £14.50 for postage to any address outside the UK. Payment by cheque in £ Sterling or by PayPal (please email or phone for details).
Cheques payable to E.C. Parker & Company (Services) Ltd

All enquiries to E.C. Parker & Company (Services) Ltd
The Granary, Dane John Works
Gordon Road
Canterbury, Kent CT1 3PP
Telephone +44 (0)1227 766555 Email:

Alas Parkers, the printers, have had to shut up shop
so these books are no longer available

They may still be found on the second hand market.

Parkers say:
The business has changed hands two and half years ago and these particular files are no longer available.

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