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The Edge of the World
Letter to Picturegoer, December 25th, 1937

Dear Sirs,
A film-conscious Scot, I suffered untold agonies when America butchered Mary of Scotland to provide a Roman holiday for Hepburn and March, while the English studios. conception of Scottish character and sentiment has almost driven me to advocate Home Rule!

However, all is forgiven, and I whole-heartedly appraise The Edge of the World as the first screen story with a realistic Scottish background.

After a surfeit of streamlined Scottish superficiality, how refreshing to find a simple and essentially British theme providing out-of-the-rut entertainemtn!

The film may prove too rich in human values to satisfy glamour addicts, but discriminating picturegoers will acclaim it.

Michael Powell's sympathetic direction merits unstinted praise. Characterisation and atmosphere are so completely right that I actually felt kinship with the island community. Niall MacGinnis gives an outstanding performance.

I hope he resists the lure of Hollywood, as we have few actors capable of portraying rugged heroes convincingly.

- David D. Jolly, 12 Lilybank Crescent, Forfar, Angus, Scotland

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