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Submitted by Roger Mellor

The Edge of the World (1937)
"Radio Times" film guide

Director - Michael Powell
Starring - John Laurie
Running Time - 80 mins
Country of Origin - UK

Made by Michael Powell, arguably the British cinema's most profoundly creative director, this is a fictional account of the harsh lives led by a dwindling community high on the cliffs above the cruel and majestic sea off the Scottish mainland. Filmed on the island of Foula, whose real-life inhabitants play the village people, it stars Niall MacGinnis, John Laurie, Finlay Currie and Belle Chrystall, all superb. But it is the landscape, and the spirit of a way of life being slowly but inevitably eroded, that dominate this poignant, elegiac tale of life, love and death. A leisurely film in semi-documentary yet almost poetic style, its images of people and place weave a haunting spell - stay with it. In 1978, Powell returned to the isle and shot a prologue and epilogue to the film, retitling the new version Return to the Edge of the World.

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