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Suggested by Tracey Brown

Getting to "The Edge of the World"

Foula (Hirta)

Getting there: This tiny remote island - 3 miles by 5 miles - with five high peaks is an "Edge of the World" place. (Yes, we know! - Tracey) Called the "Island West of the Sun", Foula may have been the Romans' legendary Thule. In local dialect, Foula means "bird island", and the name fits. Uncountable numbers of birds haunt the isle and its towering sea cliffs, including the second-high-test cliff face in Britain, the Kame at 1,220 feet. The high-test peak, however, is the Sneug, at 1,370 feet. On the island you'll hear many stories about the rock-climbing prowess of locals who go in search of gulls' eggs, facing dangerous falls. (They must not have seen EOTW then! - Tracey)

The island lies 27 miles west of Scalloway on the west coast of Mainland. Until the beginning of the 19th century Old Norse was the language spoken here. The island's 400 people remain very traditional and count yourself lucky if you get to see them dance the Foula reel, considered a classic dance in Shetland.

If the weather is right, a weekly mailboat sails to Foula from Walls on Mainland. Even in summer the seas are likely to be turbulent and in winter Foulas has been known to be cut off from the rest of Britain for weeks. (As MP & crew could attest!) The trip takes 2 ½ hours. Loganair also operates a summer service from Tingwall on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (trip time: 15 minutes).

Where to stay and eat

Mrs. Marion Taylor, Leraback, Isle of Foula, Shetland (Tel. 03933/3226) 3 rooms (none with bath), 2 cottages (both with bath). Rates: (including Scottish breakfast and dinner) £20 single, £40 double.

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