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The Edge of the World (1937)
Review of the Milestone DVD

by Dwight Rettie

I just received my DVD of the Milestone edition of EOTW, have watched it twice and the extras all once. It was my first time ever seeing the film -- and I loved it!

The photography is spectacular -- somehow B&W enhances some sorts of scenery, and I think it does in this instance. The acting is superb all around, and melodramatic the story line may be, but I liked it fine. I believe the comparison to Ford's "Stagecoach" (in one of the reviews) is backward, because "Stagecoach" came two years after EOTW, 1939 vs. 1937.

I have one suggestion for the producers of such historic DVDs: include a closed caption on-off option, in English, at least (but once done for English, adding French, German, Italian, etc., would be a breeze.) Closed captioning is not the same as dubbing (which purists hate, of course, as so do I.)
[The BFI edition is fully subtitled]

I have a hearing problem and if it were available, I would use it, albeit perhaps not every time. It would also help some of us Americans who cannot hear The Queen's English or Scottish all that clearly anyway. I am sure I miss things I would better understand if I had the closed caption available. I cannot believe it would add materially to the cost of a new edition.

A splendid addition to my library.


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