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Remakes of the great films

Most of the P&P films are so special we'd hate to see anyone try to remake them - but there are occasionally suggestions.

Most of these were given with tongue firmly in cheek

I Know Where I'm Going
with Sean Connery and Jennifer Lopez

The Red Shoes
From Roger Mellor:

How about the proposed remake of The Red Shoes with the Spicy girl
[It was reported that Victoria Beckham, Posh Spice, is looking into a remake of TRS as a vehicle to display her talent (singular)]

Matthew Barker asked if she can fall under the train at the
beginning, not the end
and Vinnie Jones as Lermontov, with "a contemporary pop soundtrack" (apparently in pre-production planning apparently.......)

Steve Crook added ...
Surely it'd have to be Ginger Spice as the "flame haired ballerina" :)
[maybe Posh Spice could "double" her for the social events]

Vinnie would be great at the mirror smashing scene!!

I'm sure Darcey Bussell or Deborah Bull would do the Irena role for
a laugh.

But there's a shortage of famous male dancers so they'd have to
get Michael Flatfeet to do Grischa or Ivan (or maybe both - he
thinks so much of himself)

Of couse, there is an audience for this sort of thing at your local mulitiplex....

A Matter of Life and Death
From Richard Layne

Following her appearance in the Kim Hunter role in Planet of the Apes, how about Helena Bonham Carter starring with Mark Wahlberg in A Matter of Life and Death? Wahlberg would have Gulf War syndrome. Julia Roberts gets the Roger Livesey role.

Steve added ...

And it's got to be Mel Gibson playing Farlan - he enjoys slagging
off England at every opportunity :)

Black Narcissus
From Steven Woodhouse

Starring Madonna & Sinead O'Connor.

That inspired Alan Head to add


Relocate it to a monastery with Graham Norton as Sister Ruth and Brian off Big Brother as Sister Clodagh. David Farrar reprise his role as the object of desire as his short shorts reappear through the wonders of digital technology.

The brothers take in a houseboy from the local village (played by Jeremy Spake) who develops an unlikely relationship with the local princess played (naturally) by Kate Winslet.

Actually, thinking about it that all sounds quite good - we could have a field day discussing the heterosexual subtext and the resentment felt by the brothers to Winslet's character as she attempts to "turn" the houseboy... :-)

alan (Sorry, had too much to drink last night (fine single malts whilst watching IKWIG) and todays been a very long very boring day at work...)

Battle of the River Plate
From Steven Woodhouse

Only obviously the Americans would have to sink the Graf Spee.

49th Parallel
But most worrying (because it's the most possible) was the suggestion from Richard Gorelick


A Japanese sub lands off the coast of San Ysidro, California during WWII. The sailors must infiltrate Mexican society and make their way to the Gulf of Mexico. In Nogales, Mexico, they cross the border into Nogales, Arizona, where they meet Georgia O'Keeffe (Natalie Portman), but must cross back when threatened by photographers Alfred Steiglitz and Edward Steichen (Matt Damon in a dual role), who both claim to be O'Keeffe's famous lover.

With Jet Li, Yun-Fat Chow, Benicio Del Toro, Penelope Cruz (as Frida Kahlo), Freddie Prinze, Jr. (in the Leslie Howard role), Ricky Martin, Rita Moreno, and Charlton Heston.

Peeping Tom
Alan Head suggests:

Ed Norton as Mark Lewis

Kirsten Dunst as Helen (but only if she keeps the fantastic red hair she has in Spideyman...)

Julianne Moore as the Moira Shearer character, although not sure whether she can dance.

Britney Spears as the first prostitute (about up to her acting talent, doesn't have to say much, and is brutally killed. Ideal :-)

Not sure about the mother. If in doubt say Judi Dench or Maggie Smith

Kylie Minogue as Milly, but only if they have the nude scene at the end :-)

Drew Barrymore as the Shirley Anne Field character.

Not sure who to play the Miles Malleson character...

Columba to play the Michael Powell character :-)

Do any of the Powell brethren have kids to play the young Mark?
[Not that they've ever mentioned to me, we'll have to think of a young innocent that can be used]