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Dedicated to the work of Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger and all the other people, both actors and technicians who helped them make those wonderful films.

A lot of the documents have been sent to me or have come from other web sites. The name of the web site is given where known. If I have unintentionally included an image or document that is copyrighted or that I shouldn't have done then please email me and I'll remove it.

I make no money from this site, it's purely for the love of the films.

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Like so many others, my introduction to P&P was via TRS when I was 8-years old. It made such an impression that I inadvertently patterned my life on its characters. First I became a dancer, then was the director of a ballet company and, for 25 years, a costume and scene designer! I've finally taken off the red shoes and replaced them with riding boots. I've have taken up the sport (and art!) of dressage. It's a lot like ballet on horseback, but now my horses do the fancy footwork.

Michelle Guillot

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