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Dedicated to the work of Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger and all the other people, both actors and technicians who helped them make those wonderful films.

A lot of the images have come from other web sites. The name of the web site is given where known. If I have unintentionally included an image or document that is copyrighted or that I shouldn't have done then please email me and I'll remove it.

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Powell & Pressburger Images
No Royal Road (David Farrar's autobiography)

First job / Signing visitor's book

Scenes from "Carnival" and
"Captain Banner"

Scenes from
"Man With a Load of Mischief"
and "The Firebrand"

Scenes from "Carnival"
(as Othello)
and a charcoal sketch

Scenes from "The Wandering Jew"
and "The Immortal Lady"

Grafton Theatre and in
"Sheepdog of the Hills (1941)"

Simplicity and sophistication

2 Pats - with Patricia Roc
and Patricia Burke

Boxing -
"The Night Invader (1943)"

Party at Warners

Wolf in sheep's clothing -
Sheep in wolf's clothing

With Anne Crawford and
with Richard Goolden in
"Headline (1943)"

In action in the channel
"For Those in Peril (1944)"

Sexton Blake at rest and in
"The World Owes Me a Living (1947)"

Party on set of
"The Trojan Brothers (1946)"

In "Frieda (1947)" and in
"The Trojan Brothers (1946)"

Irene - Mrs Farrar

The happy father - with Barbara

With Deborah Kerr in
"Black Narcissus (1947)"

Mr Dean in
"Black Narcissus (1947)"

Costume designs for Mr Dean in
"Black Narcissus (1947)"

Fans crowding in

And a nice one from Jessica Rosner

David and Barbara

Notes on the back

Other P&P images