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Dedicated to the work of Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger and all the other people, both actors and technicians who helped them make those wonderful films.

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Powell & Pressburger Images - Emeric Pressburger

Master Storyteller

Emeric was quite a private person, not many photos of him exist and of those that do, most are with Michael. More will be added here as I find them.

Poem on Emeric's grave

Emeric's gravestone

Emeric's gravestone

Emeric's gravestone

P&P on set of OR!



P&P at Canterbury
Or are they? :)

P&P at Monte Carlo for TRS

A young Pressburger
(on the Champs Elysées in Paris)

A Plaque has been erected on Emeric's old house in Miskolc, Hungary.
It was organised by Gabriella Varga, Làszlò Baksa and other
admirers of the work of Emeric Pressburger and Michael Powell
November 2007

Emeric's old house in Miskolc

Close up of the plaque

Other P&P images