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Dedicated to the work of Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger and all the other people, both actors and technicians who helped them make those wonderful films.

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Powell & Pressburger Images
Peeping Tom (1960)

There is also a page of photos from the premiere and others from
and some from Kamera, Issue 28

Pictures of Milly

Shocking stuff

Don't let me see you are afraid

Couple peeped by Tom

End of the home movie

Don't get caught Viv

Minor adjustments

Reading a face

Columba and Michael

MGM/Canal+ DVD

Criterion DVD

Helen & Mark (1)

Helen & Mark (2)

Helen & Mark (3)

Helen & Mark (4)

Helen & Mark (5)

Helen & Mark (6)

Otto Heller and Pamela Green

Femmes Fatales magazine (Pamela Green interview)

Mark with the police

Video Jacket

Video Jacket

Video Jacket - The tacky one

Australian video

Leo Marks' Book

Mark (1)

Mark (2)

Meet Mother

Mark and Mrs Stephens

Moira - frame by frame

Moira on screen

Newman Passage

Milly (censored)

Milly - the censored shot

Pamela's bed scene

Again, in colour

Peeping Tom Postcard

Astor Pictures Poster

Anglo Amalgamated Poster

Anglo Amalgamated Poster

90's re-release poster

Poster (Portugal)

Poster (Spain)

Poster (Japan)

At the premiere

Premiere: George Harrison Marks, Pamela & Micky

Premiere: Pamela

Premiere: Karlheinz & Pamela

Helen in the reflector

Mark & Milly

Mark & Milly



Watching the detectives

Micky, observing safe from the camera's gaze

The End

Final Threat

Mark, watching

Who's looking at who?



"Never Knowingly Overdressed"
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The Story of Pamela Green
(available on video)

Location visit and comparison: Helen's library

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