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Dedicated to the work of Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger and all the other people, both actors and technicians who helped them make those wonderful films.

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Powell & Pressburger Images - Tales of Hoffmann (1951) / Monk Gibbon book

These images are scanned in from the Monk Gibbon book The Tales of Hoffmann - A Study of the Film
They aren't great quality, you'll have to get the book to see the originals.

Olympia and Hoffmann

A Film is to be made
Pressburger, Sir Thomas and Lady Beecham and Powell

Magicians in undress
Helpmann and Tcherina

The Art Director and the Director of Design
Lawson, Heckroth

A group of small players in their dressing room

The Dragonfly Ballet
Audran, Shearer

Helpmann as Lindorf

Hoffmann and Schlemil duelling

Hoffmann in Luther's Cellar

Crespel, Antonia and Dr Miracle

Luther's Tavern
Nicholas chats while Hoffmann takes down the Kleinsach Mug

The Kleinsach Ballet
Ashton, Shearer

Olympia's machinery runs down

"There, sleep in peace!"
Ashton, Shearer, Massine

"I've got eyes!"
Helpmann as Coppelius

Spalanzani introduces Olympia
Shearer, Massine

"The I'll make Hoffmann dance!"
Tcherina, Helpmann

Prospero and his wand
Sir Thomas Beecham

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and The Sadler's Wells Choir

Dr. Miracle confronts his patient
Helpmann, Ann Ayars

Franz's Dance
"For my dancing is my best endeavour"

Franz's Dance (2)

Franz's Dance (3)

Franz's Dance (4)

Hein's Designs
"That little cock so debonair"

Hein's Designs
Copper cock and angel heads

The Copper Cock Motif
The Motifs materialize

Hein's Designs
The guests watch Olympia dance

Hein's Designs
Ventian Scene for Act 2

Hein's Designs
Original drawing for The Tale of Antonia

The Necklace
Tcherine and Helpmann

The Man and the Book
Emeric Pressburger

"The young light-hearted master of the sound waves"
Michael Powell

Hein Heckroth

Some of the technicians whose skill helped make the film

Leonide Massine


The Doll Dance "New delights can love discover"

The Doll Dance

Franz does the housework

The Doll Dance
Shearer and Helpmann

The Doll Dance
Shearer and Massine

The Doll Dance

Antonia, Hoffmann
Ann Ayars, Robert Rounseville

Robert Rounsville

Pamela Brown

"Olympia! Olympia beware"
Helpmann, Shearer

Robert Helpmann

Death of Schlemil
Helmann, Massine

Elias, splendid reputation!
Robert Helpmann, Alan Carter

Depertutto, Giulietta
Helpmann, Tcherina

Ludmilla Tcherina

Giulietta seduces Hoffmann

Giulietta seduces Hoffmann
a bit more

"Now steal his heart"
Giulietta, Hoffmann
Ludmilla Tcherina, Robert Rounseville

Cochinille and his puppets

Frederick Ashton

Crespel surprises Antonia at her mother's box
Mogens Wieth, Ann Ayars

Mogens Wieth

Meinhart Maur

Olympia awakes

Diagnosis of an invisible patient

The Stella ballet
Moira Shearer, Edmond Audran

Pages from Ivor Beddoes' sketch book

Other P&P images