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Powell & Pressburger Images
The Red Shoes (1948)

Because The Red Shoes is one of the most popular of the P&P films, there are many images available.
I have put some of them into sub-directories.

Design for a German poster
by Boris Namir
bought by Werner Kureinski


First, a few studies of Anton ...

Watching (Mercury Theatre)

Alone - after Vicky has left

Still watching

Smiling as Vicky rehearses

Temping Vicky

Watching The Red Shoes

Looks like bad news

Picture + autograph

A decadent breakfast
Was this portrait of Dyagilev (left)
an inspiration for Lermontov?
Especially the red jacket he
wears when he smashes the mirror.

and then a lot more pictures ...

Marius, Moira & Leonide

Relaxing at the barre

Ballet - anguish


During the ballet

Practise, practise

P+P Book cover

Church steps


Moira in "The Long Corridor"

Dance ballerina, dance

Anton, Fath, Moira, P&P check designs

Dreamscape during the ballet

At the fair

At the fair

Ballet - Fantasy

Moira floating

"I think you have made an important decision."

(from Radio Times)

Dodgy pic of Moira dancing

Dodgy pic of Moira

On set - Moira jumps into the Red Shoes

On set - what a brute

Dancing with
newspaper (1)

Dancing with
newspaper (2)

Dancing with
newspaper (3)

Newspaper man

TRS Postcards

Postcards (2)

Postcards (3)

Practise, practise

Fairy Princess

J. Arthur Rank receives the Oscar from Jean Hersholt

Warning shadows

Putting on The Red Shoes

Frame slide
(Vicky and Ivan)

Lermontov, Julian and Dimitri - 10x8 still

Studio shot of Moira in The Red Shoes

The shoemaker teases the girl

The Train


The Red Shoes

"Why do you want to dance?"

Japanese laserdisc

Laserdisc (inside #1)

Laserdisc (inside #2)

Japanese DVD

Design sketch

Anton casually leaning on Emeric
and smiling at Willi Forst.

Moira with J. Arthur Rank at the World première

Note: This was at the Gaumont Cinema, Haymarket. Without the fanfares normally associated with a big première of a Rank film at the Odeon, Leicester Square.
It's nice that J. Arthur did attend, after having threatened to not provide the completion funding and having walked out of the preview without saying a word to Emeric.

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Other P&P images