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Powell & Pressburger Images
Garden of Allah (1926)

The wording under the 10x8 stills is from the studio notes on the back.

Garden of Allah ad
(Photoplay magazine)

Garden of Allah
Boston Theatre brochure

Garden of Allah
Boston Theatre brochure

Alice Terry, co-featured with Ivan Petrovich, and Kada, Rex Ingram's Arabic protege in Algiers, where they went to film Robert Hichen's The Garden of Allah.

The principals of "The Garden of Allah, Alice Terry and Ivan Petrovich entertain Antonio Moreno on his visit to the Rex Ingram studios in Nice, France.

Robert Hichens, Kada, and Alice Terry in Algiers during the filming of The Garden of Allah.

Features Rex Ingram and a gentlemen in a barrel that is about to be rooled down a hill by Ingram's foot. Ingram has just finished "The Garden of Allah" in Nice, France.

A sight for sufferers from the Volstead Act to delight in an enormous whiskey barrel used as a prop in the Garden of Allah.

Garden of Allah
Programme from The Tivoli,
The Strand, London

Garden of Allah
Lobby Card

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