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Dedicated to the work of Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger and all the other people, both actors and technicians who helped them make those wonderful films.

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From: Marianne Gilchrist

Steve Crook wrote:     

> In fact at one of them someone asked the
> killer question "Why do the people here
> like Powell (& Pressburger) films?" so
> I thought I'd ask you lot. We went around
> the room all giving a varied but interesting
> set of answers.

I first saw the main films on TV when I was a child: I always loved AMOLAD, enjoyed The Pimp, and I think I saw TRS, probably c 1978, but it didn't really sink in as a plot, more the visuals - I love Jack's cinematography. In January this year I chanced to see some reduced price DVDs of Blimp (which I'd never seen) and TRS in HMV (noting that Anton was in them helped: as I still had memories of him as rather wonderful from 'La Ronde' (in the days when subtitled films used to be shown on terrestrial TV), 'Gaslight' and the Queen Victoria films), and decided to brush up on P&P-dom...

It was a coup de foudre, TRS especially. I only wish I'd discovered it when I was at low ebb, enduring 9 years of repeated job rejections, unpaid voluntary work & c., post-PhD: it felt like a group-hug from people with my own ideals and values. It's always heartening to see on film characters with whom you know you would be happy to drink a glass of tea and talk.

Steve put my introductory letter on the Members' page, and that has a couple of links in it, including to my IMDb review of TRS, a film which has become a cultural reference point for me and some friends and family members.
Doc M (Marianne)

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