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Dedicated to the work of Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger and all the other people, both actors and technicians who helped them make those wonderful films.

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From: Johnny Socha

Steve Crook wrote:

> In fact at one of them someone asked the killer question "Why do
> the people here like Powell (& Pressburger) films?" so I thought
> I'd ask you lot. We went around the room all giving a varied but
> interesting set of answers.

Being a lover of films I sought the advice of some older, far wiser cineastes than I who recomended PnP and watching BN. When I saw it I enjoyed it, but was not in a rush to see any more PnP films. Then a couple of years later I saw TRS was on tv and knew of the film. That was it I was hooked, I adored the film and got that I'm watching a great film feeling about half way through the film. I then went back and watched BN and realised what a truly great film it is - probably PnP's finest film (although it's hard to have gradations of greatness)

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