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From: John F. Hand

Steve Crook wrote:     

> In fact at one of them someone asked the
> killer question "Why do the people here
> like Powell (& Pressburger) films?" so
> I thought I'd ask you lot. We went around
> the room all giving a varied but interesting
> set of answers.

I like the way they make me feel.
You feel like you are completely immersed in the world of the film you are watching. This has to be the greatest complement you can give to any filmmaker.

The Archers films are great for multiple viewings. I tend to think that the film that I am enjoying at the time is the best of the lot. This is true of (and in this order) TLADOCB, IKWIG, ACT & AMOLAD.

I also love to catch a scene which obviously has influenced other film makers. The most famous of which is in ACT where the Falcon turns into a Spitfire/Kubrick's bone to space station in 2001 ASO.

Also from ACT is the scene where Allison takes the walk along the bombed out street/William Wyler's 'The Best Years of Our Lives' scene where Fred walks through the field of abandoned (and brand new) aircraft which are waiting to be destroyed. I could be wrong about this one but the camera angles, music and general feeling of the two scenes are uncanny. Whenever I see one I instantly think of the other.

When I watch BN I feel like I'm watching something that Hitchcock would do later.

Then there's the use of the figure outlined by a doorway in IKWIG in the beginning by the Wendy Hiller character and in the end by Tuquel/Fords 'The Searchers'.

I know this technique probably goes back to the silent era but I'm on a roll.

The movies of P&P stand up to the best of my other favorite film makers of the era (or any other era). These would include Wyler, Stevens, Ford, Huston, Reed, Capra and Hawks. IMO anyway.

I only wished they could of made more of them.

West Palm Beach, FL

I just remembered another scene which had to influence another film.

In AMOLAD when Peter walks along the beach and leaves a trail of gear.

In 'Lawrence of Arabia' the Arab that fell off his camel and was trying to catch up to the band leaves a similar trail of clothing and gear.

Why wouldn't Lean lift/barrow something from his old boss


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