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Black Narcissus Crossword

Cover List member Dibyaduti Purkayastha (Tipu) found this crossword in his copy of the book of Black Narcissus.

Why not give it a try.

There's no easy way (that I know of) to do a crossword on a web page that lets you fill it in on the page. But you can print out this page & fill it in on paper.

Crossword grid Across
1. What Angu Ayah called the Sisters (6)
5. Pendulous neck-flesh (6)
8. Loop with running knot (5)
9. System (6)
10. Preferably (6)
11. Behind (5)
14. Like the cloth of a prayer flag (5)
17. Sister from St. Agnes's in Canton (5)
19. Birds fed by Sister Clodagh (7)
20. The little house was called "----- Villa" (5)
21. Butler, groom and handyman at Liniskelly (5)
22. Sister of general Toda Rai (7)
23. Untrue (5)
25. Abyss (5)
28. These led the Sisters from Goontu to Mopu (5)
31. Where the Rest House is situated (6)
32. Book of hymns (6)
33. Disney deer (5)
34. real name of Maili (6)
35. Sister who had been chateline at many Convents (6)

1. One of the hill clans (6)
2. Title of Dorothea (6)
3. In which the Palace had the finest view (5)
4. One of the spaniels at Liniskelly (5)
5. Man's name (5)
6. One place where Sister Briony had been chatelaine (6)
7. One of the countries to which the Order had spread (7)
12. Type of ponies ridden by the Sisters (7)
13. Youngest Sister Superior of the Order (7)
15. The beads in the Bhotiya women's hair looked like this (5)
16. Aspect (5)
17. Savoury meat jelly (5)
18. Sister Phillipa made them about seeds (5)
23. Sister Ruth's green eyes were bright with this (6)
24. This was cheap and plentiful at Mopu (6)
26. Reed genus (6)
27. Surname of Moira who made eyes at Con (6)
28. Servant of Mr. Dean (5)
29. Young Jerry Caldecott would become the next Lord ----- (5)
30. How Mr. Dean is sometimes addressed (5)

You can check your answers here.