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The Red Shoes
Music from the films of Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, 1941-1951

CD Cover
Artist: Various OST
Title: "The Red Shoes"
Cat No: CD41-002 (22 tracks)
Released: 1st July 2002
Barcode: 5 019148 632931

The Red Shoes is a 74 minute collection of rare original soundtrack recordings from the classic films of Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger (The Archers) made between 1941 and 1951. Those featured include:

49th Parallel (1941) Ralph Vaughn Williams
A Matter of Life & Death (1946) Allan Gray
The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp (1943) Allan Gray
A Canterbury Tale (1944) Allan Gray / JS Bach
Black Narcissus (1947) Brian Easdale
The Red Shoes (1948) Brian Easdale
Gone to Earth (1950) Brian Easdale
The Small Back Room (1949) Brian Easdale
Tales of Hoffmann (1951) Jacques Offenbach

As well as digitally restored original soundtrack music by the undervalued Gray and Easdale, this carefully researched CD also features a number of rare associated recordings, including John Gielgud's reading of An Airman's Letter to his Mother (1941), the lively quickstep Commando Patrol from Col. Blimp and A Canterbury Tale, and a superlative rendering of Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, recorded by Albert Schweitzer in London in 1935, also featured in A Canterbury Tale.

The booklet features detailed notes on the films and their accompanying scores, as well as biographies of Allan Gray and Brian Easdale. The CD is a must for all with an interest in vintage film soundtracks and British light/orchestral music, as well as the dazzling vision of Michael Powell and his musical collaborators.

For more information contact James Nice on tel/fax 01362 861009 or on e-mail at

Ordering details are also available at

Full list of Tracks:

1. Archers Ident (arrow hitting target) 0.04

49th Parallel
2. Prelude 3.10
3. Epilogue 4.16

A Matter of Life and Death
4. Prelude / This is the Universe 5.03
5. The Waiting Room / Washed Ashore 1.33
6. Prelude / Stairway to Heaven (piano progression) 4.08

An Airman's Letter to his Mother
7. Narrated by Sir John Gielgud 3.08

The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp
8. Prelude 1.50
9. War Starts at Midnight 1.47
10. Commando Patrol 2.42

A Canterbury Tale
11. Prelude 2.14
12. Toccata and Fugue in D Minor 8.48

The Red Shoes
13. Prelude 3.52
14. Ballet Music 12.47

Black Narcissus
15. Prologue 1.47
16. Composed Sequence 5.25

Gone to Earth
17. Prelude 1.21
18. The Tryst 2.38
19. The Hunt 1.07

The Small Back Room
20. Composed Sequence 1.40
21. Epilogue 0.52

Tales of Hoffmann
22. Orchestra Tuning 2.58

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