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Innovation at Singapore Library

A while ago I was contacted by Jaki Fisher of the National Library Board of Singapore. She told me they were putting on an exhibition about dance in film and would like to make use of some of the stills I had. I've always been fond of librarians, I have made such use of their facilities & they've been so helpful to me in the past, so how could I refuse?

Jaki had a look through all the stills I have scanned onto the web site & I told her about a few more. She told me that she wanted it for a big display panel so a scan wouldn't have enough resolution to stand being enlarged as much as was needed. I offered a few but they eventually decided to use just the one We agreed I'd send the original over (at the library's expense), they'd get it photographed & suitably enlarged and then send it back. I had no problem with that - I always trust librarians :)

Jaki has since sent the still back & has also sent me some details about the exhibition. It is being held at the Library@Esplanade.

First, here are some stills of the library area which contains the exhibitions.

Dance Village #1

Dance Village #2

Film Village #1

Film Village #2

Theatre Village

Music Village

Music Post

Reading Lounge

The rest are PDF documents. With their zoom facility these allow you to get an overview of the exhibition panels and then to zoom in and scan across to see what is there in detail.

Acrobat Link to the Adobe site to obtain a free copy of Acrobat reader.

For more information, see the Singapore National Library Board web site.

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