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Hein Heckroth paintings

I got an email from someone who said he'd inherited a couple of Hein Heckroth's paintings. They weren't in great condition and he wondered if I knew anything about getting them restored and then where he could donate/lend them where they'd be fully appreciated.

The things people ask :)

I said that he'd do best to contact a professional picture restorer and get them valued at the same time. I was able to find out that Hein gave most of his paintings away, as he was no believer in material possessions.

The largest collection of them seems to be in Köln (Cologne). We're not sure where exactly (the Schloss-Wahn museum?) but we'll find out.

Fourth of the Magi Bull Here are scans of the two that initiated the enquiry. The one on the left is titled "Fourth of the Magi" (the title is written on the back). It is approx 40 by 35 inches. Apparently it is "the 'Fourth Wise Man', the one who never found the child Jesus, though he roamed the world with his gift, a bowling-ball sized pearl."

The one on the right has no particular title ("Bull?"). I have seen other HH paintings of bull's. He seemed to quite like them as a subject.

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